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Turn on the hood for a few minutes before you start to cook in order to create an airflow that carries odors and steam into the range hood.

Low speeds are sufficient when cooking pasta and sauces, which don’t have strong odor or vapors.

Higher speeds are used for cooking that emits strong odors and steam, like when frying or grilling or when several burners are being used at the same time. Many of the Faber hoods have 10 miunte intensive speed timers which turn the hood on for 10 minutes at the highest speed to eliminate strong odors, grease and smoke quickly.

Once you are finished cooking, leave the hood on for 5-10 minutes. This will ensure that all the steam, grease, odors and smoke have been eliminated from the kitchen and your home. Several Faber hoods offer a 30 minute auto shut off timer which will allow you to run the hood for 30 minutes after cooking and then automatically shut off.

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Elica, a world renowned name in Kitchen hoods and chimneys is now in India. Offering an extensive range of kitchen appliances, Elica extends novel designs that are uber-stylish and highly-aesthetic. Rendering a portfolio of appliances, for over 85 years Elica is the chosen brand of kitchen appliances amongst 53 million families world over.

Elica India is transforming the way your kitchen looks, feels and breathes. Your kitchen is where odours, flavours and taste mingle with familiar ritual of cooking, & the pleasure of spending time together. In modern times, kitchen has become center of every home & is a significant place for meeting & sharing meal together with your loved ones. Elica Appliances ensure your kitchen is a perfect place eliminating unpleasant odors , cooking with efficient hobs, ovens making baking , grilling a easy task. All Elica Appliances are user friendly , energy saving, aesthetically designed with Innovative Technology ,respect for environment & give value for your money. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of Cooking with Elica Appliances!

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